Fragment 510465



renders all the world troglodytic,

Original French:  rend tout le monde Troglodyte,

Modern French:  rend tout le monde Troglodyte,



Moscovites, Indiens, Perses, & Troglodytes souvent auront la cacquesangue, par ce qu’ilz ne vouldront estre par les Romanistes belinez, attendu le bal de Sagittarius ascendant.

François Rabelais [ca. 1483–1553]
Pantagrueline Prognostication


troglodyte [adaptation of Latin troglodyta, adaptation of Greek trwgloduthj, formed on trwglh hole + duein to get or go into.]

One of various races or tribes of men (chiefly ancient or prehistoric) inhabiting caves or dens (natural or artificial); a cave-dweller, cave-man.

1555 W. Watreman Fardle of Facions i. vi. 93 The Troglodites myne them selues caues in the grounde, wherin to dwell.

1614 Sir Walter Raleigh The History of the World i. (1634) 52 Which Regions… (I mean that of Niger, and that of Prester John and the Troglodytes).

1642 James Howell Instructions for Foreign Travel (Arb.) 51 They were Troglodites, and had no dwelling but in the hollowes of the rocks.



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