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as well green and raw,

Original French:  tant verde & crude,

Modern French:  tant verde & crude,

Pantagruelion crude

In Chapter 51, Rabelais recommends “…applicquez y du Pantagruelion crud, c’eſt a dire tel qui naiſt de terre, ſans aultre appareil ne compoſition.”

“Apply raw [crud] Pantagruelion, that is to say, take it as it cometh out of the ground, without bestowing any other preparation or composition upon it.” [Smith’s translation]

François Rabelais [ca. 1483–1553]
Gargantua and Pantagruel
verde & crude
William Francis Smith [1842–1919], translator
London, 1893


Pantagruel loaded his ships with Pantagruelion tant verde & crude, “green as well as raw” (Pantagruelion is a feminine noun).

“Si promptement voulez guerir une bruslure, soit d’eaue, soit de feu, applicquez y du Pantagruelion crud, c’est à dire tel qui naist de terre, sans aultre appareil ne composition.” (Pantagruelion is a masculine noun)




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