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similarly Lyncus king of Scythia

Original French:  pareillement Lyncus roy de Scythie

Modern French:  pareillement Lyncus roy de Scythie


Pour lynx, par le retranchement de l’l initiale, comme si c’étoit l’article le contracté avec le nom. Nous avons déja trouvé cette leçon plus haut.

François Rabelais [ca. 1483-ca. 1553]
Œuvres de Rabelais (Edition Variorum)
Charles Esmangart [1736-1793], editor
Paris: Chez Dalibon, 1823
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Sur Lyncus, Rabelais traduit Servius commentant l’Énéid, I, 323.

François Rabelais [ca. 1483-ca. 1553]
Le Tiers Livre
Jean Céard, editor
Librarie Général Français, 1995


Scythian. Also 6-7 Sythian. [formed on Latin Scythia, adopted from Greek Skuqi´a]

Pertaining to Scythia, an ancient region extending over a large part of European and Asiatic Russia, or to the nomadic people by whom it was inhabited.

1567 Golding Ovid’s Metamorphoses xv. 312 Hypanis That springeth in the Scythian hilles.

1587-90 Marlowe 1st Pt. Tamburl. i. i. 44 Tamburlaine, that sturdie Scythian thiefe.

1596 Spenser State Irel. Wks, (Globe) 630/1 For though it [Nomadism] be an old Scythian use, yet it is very behoofull in that countrey of Ireland.

A. 1625 Beaum. & Fl. Four Plays in One, Tri. Death vi, What Scythian snow so white? what crystal chaster?

1776 Mickle tr. Camoens’ Lusiad Introd. 14 The irruptions of northern or Scythian barbarians.



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