Search for who will believe it. I excuse myself.



Search for who will believe it. I excuse myself.

Original French:  Cherchez qui le croye. Ie m’en excuſe.

Modern French:  Cherchez qui le croye. Je m’en excuse.

“I [je],” the narrator, François Rabelais, reappears in these final chapters of Le Tiers Livre after his absence since the introduction.


Ne me comparez… excuse

Addition de 1552.

Rabelais, François (ca. 1483–1553), Le Tiers Livre. Pierre Michel, editor. Paris: Gallimard, 1966. p. 585.

Search for some one to believe it.

“Quaere peregrinum” vicinia rauca reclamat.” — Horace, Epp. i. 17, 62.

Rabelais, François (ca. 1483–1553), The Five Books and Minor Writings. Volume 1: Books I-III. William Francis Smith (1842–1919), translator. London: Alexader P. Watt, 1893. Internet Archive



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