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and Dioscorides maintains this, Book 2.

Original French:  & le maintient Dioſcorides lib. 2.

Modern French:  & le maintient Dioscorides lib. 2.

Salamandra terrestris

The Salamander is a kinde of Lizard, lazie, diversely spotted, in vaine thought that it will not burne. It hath a Septicall, exulcerating, calfactorie power. It is mixed in Septicall and Lepricall Medicines as also Cantharides are, & it is layd up in store after the like manner. Being moystned with oyle it doth doe away the haire. But being unbowelled, the head & ye feet taken away, it is preserved in Hony for the selfsame use.

Pedanius Dioscorides [c. 40-90 AD]
The Greek Herbal
John Goodyer, translator
New York: Hafner, 1968

Galien et Dioscoride

Galien, De temperamentis, III, iv; Dioscoride, II, lxvii (addition de 1552, var. a).

François Rabelais [ca. 1483–1553]
Œuvres complètes
p. 511, n. 4
Mireille Huchon, editor
Paris: Gallimard, 1994



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