take of this celestial Pantagruelion



that [you should] take of this celestial Pantagruelion as much as would be needed to cover the body of the deceased

Original French:  que prenent de ce celeſte Pantagruelion autãt qu’en fauldroit pour couurir le corps du defunct,

Modern French:  que prenent de ce celeste Pantagruelion autant qu’en fauldroit pour couvrir le corps du defunct,


celestial Pantagruelion

This account of asbestos is taken generally from Pliny, xix. 1, and Plutarch, de defect. Orac. c. 43 (434a).

Rabelais, François (ca. 1483–1553), The Five Books and Minor Writings. Volume 1: Books I-III. William Francis Smith (1842–1919), translator. London: Alexader P. Watt, 1893. Internet Archive



Posted 10 February 2013. Modified 23 December 2017.

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