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how would you save these ashes apart and separate from the cinders of the bust and funeral fire?

Original French:  cõment ſaulueriez vous icelles cẽdres a part, & ſeparées des cẽdres du buſt & feu funeral?

Modern French:  comment saulveriez vous icelles cendres à part, & separées des cendres du bust & feu funeral?

Funeral pyre

Funeral pyre
Quenching the Funeral pyre.
South Italian Vase-painting.
Pertains to Iliad, 23.250

Richard Engelmann [1844-1909]
Pictorial atlas to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey
Plate XVII, n. 97
London: H. Grevel, 1892


Bûcher. Néologisme; du lat. bustum, même sens.

François Rabelais [ca. 1483–1553]
Oeuvres. Tome Cinquieme: Tiers Livre
p. 371
Abel Lefranc [1863-1952], editor
Paris: Librairie Ancienne Honoré Champion, 1931


[Latin bustuarius. Pertaining to the burning or the funeral-pyre] Of or belonging to the funeral pile; funereal.



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