Original French:  Lappia:

Modern French:  Lappia:

Among the far-flung places that are brought together by the use of Pantagruelion to weave the sails of ships.

Taprobana [Ceylon] has seen Lapland…”


Detail of Lappia from the Carta Marina

Detail of Lappia from the Carta Marina

Magnus, Olaus (1490–1557), Carta marina et Descriptio septemtrionalium terrarum. (Marine map and description of the Northern Lands). Venice: 1539. Wikimedia


Laplanders with their method of travelling 1700-1800s.
Samene ogder es måter å reise på. Kobberstikk fra 1700-1800-tallet.
Copper engraving by Warren.

Pelham, Cavendish, The World: or, The present state of the universe. being a general and complete collection of modern voyages and travels / selected, arranged, and digested, from the narratives of the latest and most authentic travellers and navigators. London: Stratford, 1808. Internet Archive


Peut-être la Laponie.

Rabelais, François (1494?–1553), Le Rabelais moderne, ou les Œuvres de Rabelais mises à la portée de la plupart des lecteurs. François-Marie de Marsy (1714-1763), editor. Amsterdam: J.-F. Bernard, 1752. p. 162. Google Books

Taprobana ha vue Lappia

C’est-a-dire, l’île de Ceylan a vue la Laponie, par le secour des cordages et des voiles de vaisseaux.

Rabelais, François (1494?–1553), Œuvres de F. Rabelais. Nouvelle edition augmentée de plusieurs extraits des chroniques admirables du puissant roi Gargantua… et accompagnée de notes explicatives…. L. Jacob (pseud. of Paul Lacroix) (1806–1884), editor. Paris: Charpentier, 1840. p. 310.


La Laponie.

Rabelais, François (1494?–1553), Oeuvres. Édition critique. Tome Cinquieme: Tiers Livre. Abel Lefranc (1863-1952), editor. Paris: Librairie Ancienne Honoré Champion, 1931. p. 368. Internet Archive


Lapland. [adopted from Swedish Lappland]

The region which forms the most northerly portion of the Scandinavian peninsula. Formerly, the fabled home of witches and magicians, who had power to send winds and tempests.

C. 1590 Christopher Marlowe The tragical history of Doctor Faustus i. i, Like… Lapland Gyants, trotting by our sides.

1621 Robert Burton The anatomy of melancholy i. ii. i. ii. 63 And nothing so familiar… as for Witches and Sorcerers, in Lapland, Lituania, and all ouer Scandia, to sell winds to Marriners, and cause tempests.

1636 James Shirley The duke’s mistress ii. i. (1638) C 4 b, I… dare Encounter with an armie out of Lapland.

1640 William Habington The queene of Arragon i. i, Your Lordship then Shall walke as safe, as if a Lapland witch… preserv’d you shot-free.

1668 John Dryden An evening’s love; or, the mock astrologer ii. (1671) 26 Not a Ship shall pass out from any Port, but shall ask thee for a wind; thou shalt have all the trade of Lapland within a month.

1679 John Oldham Satyrs on the Jesuits iii. (1685) 55 How travelling Saints, well mounted on a Switch, Ride Journeys thro’ the Air, like Lapland Witch.

1695 William Congreve Love for love iii. 42 Marry thee! Oons I’ll Marry a Lapland Witch as soon, and live upon selling of contrary Winds, and Wrack’d Vessels.


Lapp. [adopted from Swedish Lapp, possibly in origin a term of contempt: compare Middle High German lappe simpleton. In medieval Latin the name was Lap(p)o, whence French Lapon.]

One of a nomadic people (called by themselves Sabme), inhabiting the north of Scandinavia.

1859 T. S. Henderson Mem. E. Henderson II. 64 The huts where a party of Lapps were located.



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