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do not attire so many people, as this herb alone.

Original French:  ne veſtiſſent tant de perſones, que faict ceſte herbe ſeulette.

Modern French:  ne vestissent tant de persones, que faict ceste herbe seulette.


Attire so many people

Pliny N.H. xii. 4, § 5: “Lanigeras Serum [arbores] narravimus.” Ibid. xii. 10, § 21: “Ejusdem insulae [Tylos] excelsiore suggestu lanigerae arbores alio modo quam Serum … Ferunt mali cotonei amplitudine curcuritas quae maturitate ruptae ostendunt lanuginis pilas ex quibus vestis pretioso linteo faciunt.” § 22: “Arabiae autem arbores ex quibus vestis faciant cynas vocari [tradit] folio palmae simili. Sic Indos suae arbores vestiunt.”

Rabelais, François (ca. 1483–1553), The Five Books and Minor Writings. Volume 1: Books I-III. William Francis Smith (1842–1919), translator. London: Alexader P. Watt, 1893. Internet Archive



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