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Wouldn’t perish the toll-rates and rent-rolls?

Original French:  Ne periroient les Pantarques & papiers rantiers?

Modern French:  Ne periroient les Pantarques & papiers rantiers?


A paper containing the particular rates of Tolls, or Customes due unto the King, &c; thus tearmed, because, commonly, hung up in some publicke plase either single, or within a frame.

Randle Cotgrave [–1634?]
A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongue
London: Adam Islip, 1611


Les pancartes, dont pantarques est une métathèse.

François Rabelais [ca. 1483–1553]
Œuvres de Rabelais (Edition Variorum)
p. 280
Charles Esmangart [1736-1793], editor
Paris: Chez Dalibon, 1823
Google Books


(Glossary) pantarque, pancarte, paperasses.

François Rabelais [ca. 1483–1553]
L. Jacob (pseud. of Paul Lacroix) [1806–1884], editor
Paris: Charpentier, 1857
Google Books


Pancartes. Cf. l. I, ch VIII, n. 3.

François Rabelais [ca. 1483–1553]
Oeuvres. Tome Cinquieme: Tiers Livre
p. 366
Abel Lefranc [1863-1952], editor
Paris: Librairie Ancienne Honoré Champion, 1931


Les titres de rent.

François Rabelais [ca. 1483–1553]
Le Tiers Livre
P. 464
Jean Céard, editor
Librarie Général Français, 1995


pantarch. Obsolete rare. [adopted from French pantarche, -arque (Rabelais), erron. form of pancarte pancart.]

A paper; a general chart.

1694 Motteux Rabelais, Pantagueline Prognostications To Rdr., I have tumbled over and over all the Pantarchs of the Heavens, calculated the Quadrates of the Moon.


panchart. Obsolete [adaptation of medieval Latin pancharta (-carta), formed on Greek pan- all + Latin charta leaf, paper, in medieval Latin `charter’.]

A charter, originally apparently one of a general character, or that confirmed all special grants, but in later use applied to almost any written record.

1621 John Molle, translator Camerarius’ Living Library v. xi. 361 The Constitutions of the Emperor Charles the fourth, gathered together in the Panchart, commonly called the Golden Bull.



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