another Sorb-apple (Cormier)



another Sorb-apple,

Original French:  l’aultre Cormier,

Modern French:  l’aultre Cormier,



Cormier: The Service tree, Sorb-apple tree.

Randle Cotgrave [–1634?]
A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongue
London: Adam Islip, 1611


corm, corme. Obsolete [adopted from French corme, Latin cornum the cornel-cherry (see cornel); but in Old French the names cormier and corme were applied to the service-tree and its fruit, also called sorbe; see Littré.]

The fruit of the service-tree, the sorb; also the tree, Pyrus domestica (Sorbus Latin, Cormus Spach).

1578 Henry Lyte, translator Dodoens’ Niewe herball or historie of plantes iii. lxxxiv. 437 The apples be pale, in figure lyke the Sorb-apple or Corme.

1658 John Evelyn The French Gardener (1675) 268 Cormes, services, azerolls, and the like.

The cornel tree.

1676 Thomas Hobbes, translator Homer’s Iliads 255 Many lusty limbs then broken are Of barky corme [Il. xvi. 767 tanu´floion kra´neian], broad beech, and lofty ash.

1676 Thomas Hobbes, translator Homer’s Odysses. 285, I cut up by the root, And smooth’d with iron tools a lusty corm.

corm. In botany [adaptation of modern Latin cormus (Willdenow c. 1800), adopted from Greek kormoj, the trunk of a tree with the boughs lopped off, formed on keirein to cut, poll, lop.]

A short fleshy rhizome, or bulb-like subterraneous stem of a monocotyledonous plant, producing from its upper surface leaves and buds, and from its lower, roots; also called solid bulb.(By Asa Gray applied also to the rhizomes of dicotyledonous plants such as cyclamen; but this is not generally followed.)



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