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Some modern Pantagruelists to avoid the manual labour required to make such partition,

Original French:  Quelques Pantagrueliſtes modernes euitans le labeur des mains qui ſeroit a faire tel depart,

Modern French:  Quelques Pantagruelistes modernes evitans le labeur des mains qui seroit à faire tel depart,

tel depart

Tel partage, telle séparation.

François Rabelais [ca. 1483–1553]
Le Rabelais moderne, ou les Œuvres de Rabelais mises à la portée de la plupart des lecteurs
François-Marie de Marsy [1714-1763], editor
Amsterdam: J.-F. Bernard, 1752
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Pantagruelist [adopted from French pantagruéliste] An imitator, admirer, or student of Pantagruel, or of Rabelais.

1611 Randle Cotgrave, A dictionarie of the French and English tongues, Pantagrueliste, a Pantagruellist; a merrie Greek, faithfull drunkard, good fellow. (Hence in Blount 1656, Phillips 1658, Bailey 1721.)

1834 Southey Doctor (ed. 2) I. 175 In humour however he was by nature a Pantagruelist.

1886 Saintsbury Ess. Eng. Lit. (1891) 251 Peacock was a Pantagruelist to the heart’s core.


Pantagruelism. [adopted from French pantagruélisme, formed on Pantagruel.]

The theory and practice ascribed to Pantagruel, one of the characters of Rabelais; extravagant and coarse humour with a satirical or serious purpose.

1835 Southey Doctor III. Interch. xiii. 340 Ignorant of humorology! more ignorant of psychology! and most ignorant of Pantagruelism.

1860 Donaldson Theatre of Greeks (ed. 7) 77 By Pantagruelism we mean… an assumption of Bacchanalian buffoonery as a cloak to cover some serious purpose.

1865 Wright Hist. Caricat. xix. 342 Pantagruelism, or, if you like, Rabelaism, did not, during the sixteenth century, make much progress beyond the limits of France.



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