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macerate it in stagnant not running water for five days, if the weather is dry and the water hot,

Original French:  le macerer en Eaue ſtagnãte non courante par cinq iours, ſi le temps eſt ſec, & l’eaue chaulde,

Modern French:  le macerer en Eaue stagnante non courante par cinq jours, si le temps est sec, & l’eaue chaulde,


Le rouissage

Le rouissage
Fiber hemp crops are harvested in late summer when they begin to flower, and then the stalks are bundled together and submerged in water to ret.

Loiseau, Léon, “Les chanvriers du Rhin”. G. Lallemamnd, illustrator. L’illustration: journal universel, v. 36, 1860. p. 356. Hathi Trust Digital Library

immersion du chanvre

immersion du chanvre
Hanfwäscherinnen bei Gödöllö : hemp washers at Gödöllö in central Hungary.

Hörmann, Theodor von (1840–1895), Hanfwäscherinnen bei Gödöllö, um 1884. Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum, Linz. Wikimedia


To steepe, or soake (hempe) in water.

Cotgrave, Randle (–1634?), A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongue. London: Adam Islip, 1611. PBM

eaue chaude

Description du rouissage.

Rabelais, François (ca. 1483–1553), Œuvres complètes. Mireille Huchon, editor. Paris: Gallimard, 1994. p. 502, n. 5.



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