when it encounters soil sweet



when it encounters soil sweet,

Original French:  quand il rencontre terrouoir doulx,

Modern French:  quand il rencontre terrouoir doulx,


Planting hemp

Cannabis solum pingue stercoratumque et riguum vel planum atque umidum et alte subactum deposcit. In quadratum pedem seruntur grana sex eius seminis Arcturo exoriente, quod est ultimo mense Februario, circa sextum aut quintum Kalendas Martias; nec tamen usque in aequinoctium vernum, si sit pluvius caeli status, improbe seretur.

Hemp demands a rich, manured, well-watered soil, or one that is level, moist, and deeply worked. Six grains of this seed to the square foot are planted at the rising of Arcturus, which means toward the end of February, about the sixth or fifth day before the Calends of March [I.e. Feb. 24th or 25th]; and yet no harm will be done in planting it up to the spring equinox if the weather is rainy.

Columella, Lucius Iunius Moderatus (4–c. 70 AD), On Agriculture (De Re Rustica). Harrison Boyd Ash (1891–1944), translator. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1941. 2.21, p. 169. Loeb Classical Library



Posted 9 February 2013. Modified 11 April 2020.

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