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Original French:  Lauriers,

Modern French:  Lauriers,

Among the plants that, like Pantagruelion, have two sexes.



Le G. Laurus a des fleurs hermaphrodites, et qui ne sont unisexuées que par avortement. (Paul Delaunay)

François Rabelais [ca. 1483–1553]
Oeuvres. Tome Cinquieme: Tiers Livre. Édition critique
p. 342
Abel Lefranc [1863-1952], editor
Paris: Librairie Ancienne Honoré Champion, 1931


laurel. Forms: lorer(e, lorrer, laurer(e, lawrer(e, laurear, -ier, lawrare, lawryr, lowrier, laureal, laurialle, -yel, lawriall, -ielle, (loryel, larel, -ielle), lorel(l, lau-, lawrell, lawreall, lawrel, ( lowrell), laurel.

[adaptation of French laurier for lorier, formed onOld French lor:-Latin laur-us.]

The Bay-tree or Bay-laurel, Laurus nobilis

AA. 1300 Cursur Mundi (The Cursur of the World). 8235 He..planted tres þat war to prais, O cedre, o pine, and o lorrer.

C. 1381 Chaucer Parl. Foules 182 The victor palm, the laurer [v.rr. lawrer, laureol] to deuyne.

C. 1400 Destr. Troy 4961 A tre..Largior þen a lawriall & lengur withall.

A. 1400 Med. MS. in Archæologia XXX. 358 Lewys of lorere & rwe yu take.

1412-20 John Lydgate Chron. Troy. i. viii, With ye lawrer..They crowned ben.

C. 1420 Anturs of Arth. vi, By a lauryel he lay, vndur a lefe sale.

1496 Dives & Paup. (W. de W.) i. xxviii. 66 Some he ordeyned to be grene wynter & somer, as lorell, boxe, holme.

C. 1500 Lancelot 82 To my spreit vas seen A birde, yat was as ony lawrare green.

1500-20 Dunbar Poems xlvi. 6 Vpone a blisful brenche of lawryr grene.

1561 Hollybush Homer Apoth. 23 b, Take..the leaves of Lorel or Baye.

1601 Philemon Holland, translator Pliny’s History of the world, commonly called the Natural historie II. 173 The Lawrell, both leafe, bark, and berry, is by nature hot.



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