Fragment 490153



that he had loaded great abundance

Original French:  qu’il feiſt charger grande foiſon

Modern French:  qu’il feist charger grande foison


Laid aboard

Laid aboard
Detail of woodcut by Holbein. Death touchers a man loading a ship.

Holbein, Hans (c 1497-1543), Les simulachres & historiees faces de la mort, autant elegamme[n]t pourtraictes, que artificiellement imaginées (Dance of Death). Lyon: Soubz l’escu de Coloigne, 1538. p. 52. Internet Archive


Foison: Store, plentie, abundance, great fullness, enough.

Cotgrave, Randle (–1634?), A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongue. London: Adam Islip, 1611. PBM



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